About Michelle

For the last 40 years, natural healing modalities have captivated my thoughts as I have tried many different ways to improve my health without the use of drugs and artificial stimulants. I believe the overuse of drugs has taken a toll on the health of the American public. Our food sources have become tainted with unnecessary chemical additives and the nutritional value is sub par. We are finally coming to the realization that we need to do better in order to live better. Serving and helping others is a strong calling and something I feel compelled to pursue. Utilizing the God-given attributes Mother Earth has provided us is a way to honor ourselves and the planet.

At this point in life, I feel it is inevitable we have to give more and take less. Helping educate people about safe and natural  healing is enjoyable and rewarding. As a doTERRA Independent Product Consultant, I feel better equipped to help more people with the education provided by the company and having the best products available. Being a native Montanan raised in ranching, I have a common sense, intuitive approach from those years interacting with natural problems and finding natural solutions. It is incumbent upon our generation to provide a safe, secure environment in which our children and grandchildren  learn to tap into their resources when learning creative problem solving.  I  like to share my passion and inspiration of learning  more responsible ways of living and healing. We have a chance to be part of the solution. My faith remains constant that people, if given correct information in a secure environment, will make the best choice for themselves. We make decisions everyday. Be positive and move toward the future.